Carol's Story

I was born in Kenya and as a young girl, I started looking around and seeing gender differences and noticing what girls had to go through. My parents raised me using principles of gender equality and so I realised early on that something was wrong in the world around me.

I attended my first feminist training in Kenya through the African Women’s Leadership Institute. After that training I knew exactly where I belonged and what I wanted to do.

But after my first visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 - where I actually saw women living in conflict - I knew for sure I was going to work to secure women’s rights in conflicts and disasters. That was my commitment.

I am a feminist and I am an African feminist. Women’s rights is my business. ActionAid Australia is the organisation that gives me the space to do what I want to do - the political will and the commitment is there. It is a safe space for me to do my work.

With ActionAid Australia I have contributed towards movement building acrossthe world and in many contexts. I have supported women to advance and buildtheir leadership and confidence and I have taken leadership in disaster and emergency response situations.

I don’t like blowing my own trumpet, but it is about acknowledging that taking on leadership is part of our responsibility as feminists. It’s important we know that feminism is not about the DzIdz - it’s about the collective.

ActionAid Australia has done lots of work across the region, from responding to women’s rights and emergencies in the Ppacific, to fighting for justice in Afghanistan and women’s land rights in Africa. This work is important and women must come together, because the more we are in number and the more we are visible, the greater power we have.

Women must hold each other’s hands. We are our sisters’ keepers.

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