Eliza's Story

I started actively engaging in the feminist movement when I was sixteen. I moved to the United States and started taking part in protests and rallies for important causes including climate, justice, anti-street harassment, marriage equality and gendered violence.

But while these occasions were often cheerful and empowering, it was the sobering experience of volunteering at a domestic violence shelter that really showed me why it is so important to fight for women’s rights.

In the shelter, I met a woman who had moved to America to pursue a career. Despite her qualifications and future plans, she became trapped by abuse of her male partner. It is hard to find words to describe the interaction I had with this woman. I don’t even know her name, but she shared her story with me. I saw the defeat shefelt inside, but also saw the spark in her that encouraged her to share with me what she had experienced. I will never forget that moment; it was the moment I realised with absolute certainty that I needed to be in the fight for women’s rights.

Over the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to see and hear about issues facing women across the globe. Recently I made a personal commitment to become more actively engaged and was lucky enough to learn of the work of ActionAid.

Their work resonated with me and I saw involvement with them as a way of having my voice heard. I am passionate about fighting for the rights of displaced women, especially those with disabilities.

I believe ActionAid offers me a platform to raise awareness of the needs of this underrepresented group. 2016 saw the highest number of displaced persons in the world, and we can only imagine the challenges that will persist, and potentiallygrow, in 2017.

Women all over the world need our support and solidarity. Any action, no matter how small, could impact positively on a woman’s life. By offering a fraction of my time, and campaigning with ActionAid, I am able to address issues facing women around the world.

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