Jess' Story

Earlier this year I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in solidarity with African women farmers. It was definitely one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the most inspiring things I’ve been a part of.

I achieved my personal goal, which was to show my support and solidarity with the African women fighting for their land rights. I wanted to convey to these women that their sisters on the other side of the world had not forgotten them and that I was determined to climb alongside them as they made their voices heard.

I have never met more genuine, generous and strong women in my entire life.

The sense of community created by the African women farmers and those climbing in support was so inclusive, and was truly a beautiful portrayal of the good side of human nature.

Given recent political developments, fighting for women’s rights could not be more important. I feel that in many ways we are going backwards rather than progressing forwards. Women make up half the population, we have a voice and the ability to be heard all across the world we just need to be courageous and speak up.

As I’ve said, there is still so much to do and so much social and political change that needs to happen. Not only is it critically important work that ActionAid is doing, it also is incredibly rewarding to be involved in campaigns that help others.

There are enormous opportunities for us to campaign to create change in the world. Together we can ensure that women and girls everywhere know this and feel empowered to participate.

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