Liz's Story

Growing up I learned that women, particularly disadvantaged women, inherently have less opportunity than men. Many women would not have access to the same high-quality education that provided me with so much opportunity.

This really hit home for me last year as I was hiking through a local village in Peru. I met a 10 year old girl named Lydia. Lydia told me that she would walk 3 hours to school and 3 hours home each day. That meant to receive a primary education she walked a total of 6 hours a day. Next year Lydia hoped to go to high school. However the nearest school was even further away and her family did not prioritise her education because she was female.

Hearing her story was challenging. That short interaction has stayed with me in the time that has passed since.

It is Lydia and young women in the same predicament that drove me to get behind the global movement for women’s justice. Immediately after meeting Lydia, I worked in a women’s shelter in Lima, Peru, supporting women to empower themselves through processes I shared with them in a series of workshops.

I’m now a Community Organiser for ActionAid Australia, where I stand in solidarity with hardworking women like Lydia by campaigning on issues that will expand the human rights of women around the world.

We’re building a grassroots movement of people in Australia who will bring our campaigns to life in the community. The movement is just getting started. You can join me today.

Women continue to face injustice every single day. There are actions that all of us can take to support them in their fight for justice.

Take action now by making the pledge as a first step in women’s right activism. You’ll be joining a community of activists working to end injustice together.

Be a part of the story.

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